Equivalent Fractions and Fractions Comparison

There are several fractions that can have the same value. Fractions like 3/6, 4/8, 5/10, 6/12, and 10/20 have the same value even if they vary in forms. How can we know that fractions are equivalent fractions? Fractions are equivalent fractions if they have the same lowest term. Lowest term is a simplified fraction. Lowest term is a simplest form of fraction. For the example fractions above, the lowest term is ½. ½ will not be simplified no matter what method you will be using. Continue Reading

Changing Improper Fraction to Mixed number and vice versa

When doing some calculations on fractions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, there is a need to convert it to the right forms that are valid for some operation. Mixed numbers needed to be converted to improper fractions and some certain times; improper fraction will be converted to mixed numbers. This is the topic that every student should learn perfectly in order for the students to avoid mistakes in the future. Mastering the art of fraction conversion greatly helps a lot. Changing improper fraction to mixed numbers and vice versa is very helpful in the field of mathematics. Continue Reading

Types of Fraction

There are three types of fractions. Each type has its own use and has different form and properties from each other. The types of fractions are proper fraction, improper fraction, and mixed number. Continue Reading

Parts Of Fraction

Fraction has two parts. These two parts are numerator and denominator. They are separated by a small line. ¾ is an example of fraction. The three is the numerator, and then separated by a line, followed by four which is the denominator. The numerator should always be less than the denominator. Fractions having a numerator like this is called proper fraction. When numerator is equal or greater than the denominator, it is called improper fraction. When numerator is equal to denominator, its value is one.
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What is Fraction?

Fraction is used by us day by day. We may not aware of it but it is there. When we say, “one piece of pie”, “a quarter of lemon”, “one half of population”, and “two-thirds of flocks”, we are using fractions. Fraction has become part of us. It is impossible to do our daily chores without touching fractions. Even in our jobs, we are using fractions. The ancient people are using fractions. In wars and in peace, fraction is used. Fractions exist as long as human exist. But it was not studied in the earlier days. But when people become sophisticated, when education has been developed, fraction has been studied and even one of the reasons for technological advancement.
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