Equivalent Fractions and Fractions Comparison

There are several fractions that can have the same value. Fractions like 3/6, 4/8, 5/10, 6/12, and 10/20 have the same value even if they vary in forms. How can we know that fractions are equivalent fractions? Fractions are equivalent fractions if they have the same lowest term. Lowest term is a simplified fraction. Lowest term is a simplest form of fraction. For the example fractions above, the lowest term is ½. ½ will not be simplified no matter what method you will be using.

Fraction can sometimes be compared to another fraction. There are a lot of real life situations where fraction needs to be compared. And when that happens, confusion might arise. How do you compare ⅔ to ¾? Which is bigger of the two fractions? We will learn this below.

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Comparing fractions with the same denominators
Having the same denominator would make the comparison easier. Fraction with greater numerator is bigger than fraction with lesser numerator. This is in conjunction with the fact that numerators represent the parts being dealt with. So the higher the number of numerator the bigger the fraction will be. So 3/5 is way bigger than 1/5. Fraction with the same denominator is easier to compare and understand than fraction that has different denominators.

Comparing fractions with the same numerators
Fractions with the same numerator can be compared through its denominators. If the fraction has higher denominator, the means the fraction was divided by several parts than fraction with lesser denominator. So by comparing these fractions, the one that has lesser denominator has a higher value and is the greater fraction.

Comparing fractions having both different numerators and denominators

There is no mathematical standard rule that can be applied on this operation but there are numbers of tricks to use to achieve the same result. One of these tricks is to subtract the second fraction from the first one. If the result is negative, then the second fraction is greater than the first fraction, otherwise, the first one is greater than the second one.

Comparison Questions
Which is bigger, ¾ of apple or ⅔ of apple?
Which is best for exercise, ½ kilometer jogging or 7/8 kilometer brisk walking?
Which is most relaxing, working 4/7 of the week 8 hours a day or 6/7 of the week 4 hours a day?

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